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Authority Blog Comenter adalah sebuah tool untuk optimasi SEO pada sebsite kita, apalikasi ini dapat mensubmit secara Auto komentar kita pada sebuah situs. aplikasi ini cukup mudah digunakan. walau tools ini bisa dibilang jadul tapi silahkan dicoba dulu saja ko.  seperti yang diucapkan oleh pembuatnya : I would like to say thank you for buying ABC, and I hope you enjoy it and use it wisely to rank your sites high up in Google (and other search engines). I use .EDU sites constantly on my sites as they are high authority sites and once one of Google’s robots or spiders finds that your site has an .EDU backlink, they automatically boost your rankings. In this guide I will show you how YOU can use Authority Blog Commenter to generate fast income into your Paypal or bank account. Selling services is one of the easiest money making methods I know of. I have made a little over $100 bucks fast just by putting up simple forum posts where I tell people I’ll create backlinks for their sites. Keep reading the rest of this guide to learn more in depth how you too can make money by selling backlinks made from Authority Blog Commenter.


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