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EduAppGT Pro - School Management System v9.1


EduAppGT PRO is a powerful school management software makes processes easier. With a beautiful design and a clean code. It makes all four types of users have effective communication, and a faster educational process. We are happy to introduce our Android Application, we are sure you will love it :) Diupdate pada


  • Now adminis will be able to see who has read the published news.
  • Critical security flaws fixed.
  • Performance has been improved.
  • Translation problems have been fixed.
  • Now Students can edit their homework submission.
  • Now the Subject Attendance addon has been included in the purchase and the attendance will now be taken per subject.
  • Active menu navigation added.
  • It is now possible to edit the date and time in the event calendar.
  • The live class screen has been redesigned.
  • Added "About subject" section for teachers to provide an introduction to the subject.
  • Now photography is not required for users, instead it loads an automatic avatar.
  • Now the teacher and admin can know which students have seen the subject activities.
  • Added "Subject Stats" to summarize subject statistics.
  • Tabulation report can be exported to excel.
  • Twilio API has been updated.
  • Now EduAppGT works with SMTP.
  • Now the teacher can decide when to show the online exam results and set random questions.
  • In Student Promotion it is now possible to select the section to promote.
  • Validation was added to avoid repeated mails.
  • Now SSL force is automatic. (You must have an active SSL service).
  • Now you can assign a classroom to the schedules.
  • Exam routine and my files have been removed.
  • The entire code has been restructured and its logic improved.
  • etc

Catatan :

  • Gunakan PHP  7.2
  • Selain XAMPP anda juga bisa menggunakan tools Laragon sebagai web server alternative
  • Untuk Password file adalah Cek pada menu password

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