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Ioncube PHP Encoder v7.0.9 Full version

IonCube PHP Encoder makes it easy to protect PHP 4, 5 & 5.3 source code from easy observation, theft and change. PHP licensing features built into the Pro and Cerberus editions also allow licensing PHP scripts to control where PHP code runs, and files can also have a time expiry. Non-PHP code such as XML can also be encrypted. Three editions of the ionCube PHP Encoder (Basic, Pro and Cerberus) all offer compiled PHP encoding using obfuscated bytecode, plus optional encryption of non-PHP files. Pro and Cerberus also include PHP licensing features for time expiry and restricting where code can be used, allowing licensing models to be effectively and easily implemented.

The PHP Encoder is available for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and Intel OS X. All editions include command line tools for encoding, and also for creating license files using Pro or Cerberus; command line tools are ideal if you wish to automate processing. The Windows Encoder also includes a comprehensive and easy to use GUI, and as a bonus, the Windows Pro and Cerberus editions include a Linux based license generator for PHP scripts, allowing PHP code to be protected using Windows while creating license files to restrict where protected scripts can run from a Linux based web server.

ionCube Encoded files run on a wide range of operating systems including Linux, Windows, FreeBSD and others, and PHP versions from PHP 4 to the very latest PHP 5.4.


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