WhastApp Getway Pro 2022


WAGW Pro is a multifunctional API for WhatsApp And Best Tool for businesses and programmers, which can be integrated into any accounting system, CRM, ERP, or website to send messages, notify users, and much more.WAGW Pro is more recommended to send notifications that integrate with your application If you only need for BLAST/ BROADCAST/ SEND WHATSAPP BULK Just use “BUSINESS WHATSAPP SENDER”


  • Send Button Message
  • Send/Create Sticker from Image
  • Share Location
  • Send Vcard/Contact
  • Send & Receive Message
  • Message History
  • Read Story
  • Number Filter
  • Send & Receive Images
  • Send & Receive File
  • Send & Receive Video
  • Send & Receive Audio
  • API
  • Webhook ChatBot
  • Read Contact
  • Read Group
  • etc

Catatan :

  • Untuk Password file adalah Silahkan Japri di Facebook

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