Ms. Office 2007 Update 2022

MS office 2007

MS office 2007 is a handy office suite for Windows users which came into arena on 30th January, 2007. MS office 2007 has been overhauled greatly and lots of new features have been added in it in order to enhance the user experience. The interface has been revamped completely and it has now been made ribbon based which has enhanced the productivity greatly. The ribbon based interface is an instant hit amongst the masses.

MS office 2007 has got loads of features and design tools which may confuse a person who is new to this application. But as time go by they will get used to it as the ribbons have made accessment of all the functions very simple. MS Office 2007 has got Word 2007, PowerPoint 2007 and Excel 2007 plus it has also introduced some new applications like Microsoft Groove which is an impressive communication suite for all the small businesses. Specch recognition as well as hand writing feature are no longer part of MS Office 2007 as they are part of Windows Vista and so on. In place of File menu you will notice that an Office button has been included which will perform the same functions like opening, saving and printing a document. It has also been empowered with a mini toolbar which will appear within a document whenever you select all of any portion of the document. All in all MS Office 2007 is a handy office suite which will let you create your official documents, presentations and spreadsheets easily. 


  • A totally revamped interface with ribbons included.
  • Got some new applications like MS SharePoint, Designer and Groove.
  • Office button included in place of File menu at the top left corner.
  • Got a mini toolbar which will appear within the document.
  • The productivity has been enhanced to a great degree. 

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