VideoScribe PRO Full Template, Icon dan Kursus Tutorial

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VideoScribe PRO is a magical application which will allow you to create whiteboard videos without having any knowledge of design or any other technical know-how. It is very easy in its use and if a young child can create stunning videos without any hiccups. All you have to do is to select the image from the library. Once the image is selected you need to enter the text which you want to deliver to your audience. and then insert some background music. That’s it you are done the rest is up to VideoScribe to create a professional looking whiteboard animation video.

VideoScribe will create a smooth line drawing animation of the video of the image that you choose. It contains thousands of images, fonts and musical clips so that you can create a stunningly great looking videos in a flash. VideoScribe PRO is very useful in creating ads for marketing purposes, for creating educational and official presentations and many more. Apart from the comprehensive library of images and musical clips you can also add your own hand made drawings and can also add your own voice over. VideoScribe will provide you with unlimited cloud based storage where you can save your work without worrying about the space.


  • CAn create whiteboard animated videos instantly.
  • Easy to use.
  • Contains thousands of images, fonts and musical clips.
  • Can create your own drawing.
  • Can add your own recorded voice.
  • Provide unlimited cloud based storage.
  • Can use it for marketing and educational purposes.
  • Can create official presentations in a flash.

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