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Source Code Facebook Clone


Aplikasi Pendidikan A complete project Facebook Copy In PHP With Source Code(social media web application). For the first- and second-year IT students’ college projects, the following PHP project has all necessary functionality. It offers a variety of features that will enable all users to engage with one another in a manner similar to how teachers connect with their students while keeping track of their attendance. The idea behind both this system and the online application is simple, similar to real-life situations, and well-executed. Please scroll down to the bottom of this post for the Obtain button to download the free PHP project for Facebook Copy With Source Code.
This is a PHP-based web application project. In this project, programming languages including HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and AJAX were employed. However This project is very much like the “Facebook” that we use. The user can post here and like photographs, status updates, and comments. User’s timeline is shown in the same format as the original. They can change their profiles, which include information about their work and education, location, romantic relationships, date of birth, and contact details, as well as join groups chat and start conversing with one another. Password may be recovered just like the actual one, and profile images and covers photos are also easily changeable.
lastly you must set the system resolution to 1366×768.
On the one side, a user can use the search bar to look for relevant results. Users can also easily follow and unfollow each other here. With it, the system creates total followers and following in real-time for each follow and unfollow action. In reality, Facebook users can check their followers and following list on the site. After describing these features, it’s safe to assume that they’ll need some sort of notification to notify users. As a result, this Facebook clone project offers consumers notification services. To be more specific, each user receives notifications for actions such as following, retweeting, quoting tweets, liking, and commenting. A badge counter is also available for site users to check the overall number of unseen notifications.


    • Login/Sign up
    • Validations
    • Post Status/Comments/Photos
    • Group Chat
    • Edit Profile
    • Search for people
    • Security Question
    • Password Recovery


    • Download Dulu Source Code dan Database nya
    • Download file Pendukung yaitu web server xampp bisa download di sarankan php 5.6 atau versi 7.3
    • Text editor untuk membongkar coding di rekomendasikan sublime text atau notepad++
    • install xampp seperti biasa dan subimetext nya
    • copy folder Source Code yang sudah di download ke direktory c/xampp/htocs
    • kemudian buka bowser google chorme kemudian ketikan localhost/phpmyadmin/
    • selanjutnya buat database dengan nama yang ada di folder htdocs tadi yang telah di pindahkan ada di folder db atau database dengan format .sql, kemudian import
    • setelah itu sesuaikan setingan koneksi database dengan membuka aplikasi texteditor tadi, file koneksi di application/config/database.php atau di file koneksi.php, lalu save
    • kemudian buka browser ketikan localhost/project_nama ( nama project tadi )
    • selesai


    • Akun Login Username : admin  Pasword : admin
    • Jika Tidak Bisa anda bisa cek di tabel admin atau user pada phpmyadmin
    • Jika terjadi error silahkan sesuaikan versi php aplikasi


    Nah itulah informasi mengenai source code yang kami share. tentunya source code atau aplikasi ini jauh dari kata sempurna masuh banyak kekurangan-kekurangan ataupun bug, selebihnya bisa anda perbaiki sendiri jika ada trouble dalam aplikasi ini. Selanjutnya apabila link yang kami berikan mati, atau salah dalam file / tidak sesuai dengan judul postingan, atau password file salah, silahkan tuliskan pada kolom komentar tentang keluhannya supaya kami dapat cepat memperbaikinya