Savsoft Quiz v4.0

Savsoft Quiz v4.0

Savsoft Quiz

Savsoft Quiz is one of the best web application for online quiz or examination system. Dedicated team of developers are developing and maintaining application since 2014. We understand the challenges in online exam and continue researching to build system. Savsoft Quiz Version – Enterprise is released with artificial intelligence based proctoring system which capture user’s photo and system screenshot automatically.  

What are the most import things in critical exams?
Critical exams or quizzes are those which are not easy to re-schedule or re-attempt. Like entrance exams for educational institutes or job recruitment process. 
Most import things in that kind of exams are:
1) Successfully conduct the exam without server or back-end infrastructure failure: 
2) User’s response should be captured 100% (Without any loss of data)

Savsoft Quiz – Enterprise has perfectly built to optimize and handle the load of 1000s of concurrent user. No chance of failure at server side application (Further depends upon server configurations. You can discuss your requirements with us to know server configuration).

Savsoft Quiz – Enterprise has all possible features to save all user’s response. It store responses in browser storage as well as send to server. In case internet disconnected during submission of exam or any server side issue then it generate encrypted response file for manual process.


  • Download Dulu Source Code dan Database nya
  • Download file Pendukung yaitu web server xampp bisa download di sarankan php 5.6 atau versi 7.3
  • Text editor untuk membongkar coding di rekomendasikan sublime text atau notepad ++
  • install xampp seperti biasa dan subimetext nya
  • copy folder Source Code yang sudah di download ke direktory c/xampp/htocs
  • kemudian buka bowser google chorme kemudian ketikan localhost/phpmyadmin/
  • selanjutnya buat database dengan nama yang ada di folder htdocs tadi yang telah di pindahkan ada di folder db atau database dengan format .sql, kemudian import
  • setelah itu sesuaikan setingan koneksi database dengan membuka aplikasi texteditor tadi, file koneksi di application/config/database.php atau di file koneksi.php, lalu save
  • kemudian buka browser ketikan localhost/project_nama ( nama project tadi )
  • selesai


  • Akun Login Username : admin  Pasword : admin
  • Jika Tidak Bisa anda bisa cek di tabel admin atau user pada phpmyadmin
  • Jika terjadi error silahkan sesuaikan versi php aplikasi