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Mikrotik Login Template

MikroTik Hotspot

MikroTik Hotspot is a popular service which is being used to manage ISP, Hotel, Restaurant, Airport, Public WiFi and even Enterprise office network. User management with MikroTik Hotspot captive portal is so easy and secure. Besides manageable network, Hotspot also provides facility to advertise your brand.

MikroTik Hotspot offers a login page for user authentication whenever any device connects with it. So, this login page is a vital source for promoting your brands. The default login template provided by MikroTik Hotspot is a simple template to fulfill your branding requirements. But it is possible to customize the login template according to your requirement.

So, it is time to customize the Hotspot template according to your Branding. We have an experienced and dynamic team who can help you to customize your MikroTik Hotspot login template.


Our customized Hotspot template meets all the requirements those are require to run a smooth captive portal with MikroTik Hotspot. The key features of our customized Hotspot template are given in the following list.
  • Compatible with MikroTik Hotspot Service.
  • Responsive template.
  • Compatible with voucher/card based or username and password based system.
  • Eye catching design.
  • Light weight. Only few kilobytes.
  • Faster loading.
  • All pages are customized besides login page.
  • Hassle free uploading in MikroTik Hotspot.
  • Highly customizable according to network requirement.
  • Can be customized for advertisement.