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WhatsApp and SMS GateWay (Blast and Chatbot) with SAAS Support 3.1.7


WA-GW is a Windows based application that works by automating Chrome Browser, to run WhatsApp Web works as our WA GateWay NO NEED MONTHLY FEE.. AND SUPPORT FOR SAAS You Can Build Your Own Whatsapp SaaS API Server With This!


  • Whatsapp chat bot. Send mass messages (WA Blast)
  • Send scheduled messages (Schedule Message)
  • Setting the limit for sending messages per minute
  • Send auto reply messages
  • Supports import & export of contacts
  • Save all WhatsApp contacts automatically from related WA
  • Save Whatsapp number manually
  • Rest API and complete API Documentation
  • API sends Text, Media and Document messages
  • Static & dynamic auto reply messages (Webhook)
  • Chat Webhooks & Group Webhooks
  • Add No. Sender by Scan QR Code
  • Integrated with Google Forms
  • Integrates with WP (WooCommerce, Shopify, etc)
  • Equipped with the WordPress Online Shop plugin
  • No. multi sender (many WA numbers)
  • Mention of names in messages with the variable {name}
  • Admin account registration via front-end