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WhatsJet SaaS 2.8.0 A WhatsApp Marketing Platform

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Power your entrepreneurial dreams with WhatsJet – the ultimate solution for aspiring WhatsApp Marketing Service Providers! With WhatsJet, you can effortlessly launch your own WhatsApp Marketing business and start earning revenue immediately. Leveraging the powerful WhatsApp Cloud API, WhatsJet eliminates the need for costly infrastructure, ensuring a seamless and cost-effective solution for your venture.

Offer instant and scheduled campaigns to your clients, targeting specific contacts or groups with precision. WhatsJet’s intuitive interface allows you to manage campaigns efficiently, ensuring maximum engagement and ROI for your clients.

Best of all, WhatsJet opens doors to recurring revenue streams. As you grow your client base and scale your services, enjoy the benefits of a sustainable income model, with the WhatsApp Cloud API costs borne by the platform.

Start your journey towards entrepreneurial success today with WhatsJet – where innovation meets opportunity! Official WhatsApp Cloud API, is now publicly available for all the business. There is NO review process.

Disclaimer: WhatsJet uses the Official WhatsApp Cloud API, which is a paid service. We encourage users to review the Current Pricing for WhatsApp. Additionally, please be aware that if you utilized as a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, your clients are responsible for covering the expenses associated with their individual WhatsApp Cloud API usage. So they will pay their uses charges.


  • Native-looking WhatsApp chat interface
  • Campaign Management
  • Contacts import/export functionality
  • Custom fields support for contacts
  • Automated and AI Chat bot replies
  • Real-time updates for campaigns
  • Multilingual support for global outreach
  • Integration with the Official WhatsApp Cloud API
  • Subscription Payments using Stripe 
  • Manual Subscription System 
  • Manual UPI Payment 
  • Manual Bank Transfer Payment 
  • Embedded Signup for WhatsApp Setup New – 
  • Multiple Phone Numbers Support New
  • Improved Manual WhatsApp Setup New
  • WhatsApp Template Management New
  • Automated Webhook Creation New
  • Connect/Disconnect Webhook New
  • Disconnect WhatsApp Account New
  • Full Source Code
  • 100% Customizable
  • Super admin and Vendor admin Panels
  • QR Code generation
  • Multiple Users as Agents
  • Media messages (Image, Video, Document etc) for bot reply New
  • Interactive/Button Messages for bot reply
  • APIs – to connect with other services
  • AI Bots Integration for Vendors using FlowiseAI
  • dll



  1. Download Dulu Source Code dan Database nya
  2. Download file Pendukung yaitu web server xampp bisa download di sarankan php 5.6 atau versi 7.3
  3. Text editor untuk membongkar coding di rekomendasikan sublime text atau notepad ++
  4. Install xampp seperti biasa dan subimetext nya
  5. Copy folder Source Code  yang sudah di download ke direktory c/xampp/htocs
  6. kemudian buka bowser google chorme kemudian ketikan localhost/phpmyadmin/
  7. selanjutnya buat database dengan nama yang ada di folder htdocs tadi yang telah di pindahkan ada di folder db atau database dengan format .sql, kemudian import
  8. setelah itu sesuaikan setingan koneksi database dengan membuka aplikasi texteditor tadi, file koneksi di application/config/database.php atau di file koneksi.php, lalu save
  9. kemudian buka browser ketikan localhost/project_nama ( nama project tadi )
  10. selesai


  1. Akun Login Username : admin  Pasword : admin
  2. Jika Tidak Bisa anda bisa cek di tabel admin atau user pada phpmyadmin
  3. Jika terjadi error silahkan sesuaikan versi php aplikasi